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This term we will be continuing our work on multiplication and division before moving onto measures. We will then be looking at measuring the length and height of various objects, ensuring we can use a ruler or other measuring equipment accurately. Then we will look at mass, capacity and temperature. You can help your child by cooking with them to encourage them to weigh out the ingredients and logging the temperature daily to see how we are moving into Spring. 

Looking for more ideas - download White Rose One Minute maths on a phone or tablet to have quick recall games, and it's all free!


This term we will have daily guided reading as a class where we will focus on the skills from Reading Vipers – Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain, Retrieve, Sequence or Summarise. We will be looking at lots of different books and across a range of fiction and non-fiction. There will also be opportunities for the children to read for pleasure in school. Please continue to support our fantastic reading challenge. By making sure your child reads at home at least 3 times a week and you sign their reading record, they will receive a certificate at the end of each week. Children can have their books changed whenever they have finished a book, and these books need to be in school daily.






We will be looking at narrative writing this term, with the story - The Marvellous Ffuffy Itty Bitty by Beatrice Alemagna. We will spend time reading the book, practising our writing, stacking sentences then writing our own narrative story. Our writing sessions involve three chunks - Engage, Model, Innovate to support secure sentence writing.

At the end of the term we will move onto information texts and link this to our science topic on plants. 


 Children will look again at what plants are and what they need to grow. In this unit, children will look in more detail at seeds and bulbs. They will learn that germination is the process where a seed begins to grow and changes into a seedling. Children will spend some time comparing plants that receive light and water and those that don’t. They will understand that healthy plants need light and water to grow. In this unit children will build on their understanding of plants as food from Year One and will look at how farmers grow plants as crops, which are then harvested and transported to shops. They will consider where the food we eat comes from. Finally, children will show what they have learned by explaining how bulbs and seeds work, using scientific drawing and/or diagrams in their writing to support their answer. 


During our Thrive sessions this half term we will be looking at ‘Power and Identity’. Within this, we will be looking at  personal care of myself, how different people help me in the school community, how I can ask for help within school and within the local community.


We are learning all about the Tudors this half term. We will learn about Henry VIII and all his wives. Our learning will include looking at what it was like to live life during Tudor times.  



In our weekly Music lessons, we will be studying the Charanga unit 'Zootime' which focusses on listening to and learning about reggae music. It will look at the instruments used and after learning a song together, the children will practise reggae sounds and work in a group to produce their own sounds. 

Outdoor Learning

We take part in a weekly forest school session on a Monday each alternate week this term. We will be learning how to tie knots, enjoy the outdoor investigation time, create forest art and even start to learn bushcraft skills such as lighting a fire for nettle tea.


Our Art topic this half term is looking at printing and making tapestries. We will explore famous tapestries and work together to produce a class mural. 


PE will be on a Monday on alternate weeks and this half term focuses on gymnastics. Specialist PE instructors will lead the session. 

Relationship and health education

We use the Jigsaw programme to ensure we cover all the areas of this subject including learning about healthy relationships, exploring our place in the world, physical and mental well-being and British values. This half term, the unit we will be studying is called 'Healthy Me'.


Our work this half term continues to focus on internet safety and we will be learning about how to keep safe on the internet. This will also cover online bullying, online relationships, self-image, identity and reputation. 

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