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Welcome to Nelson Infants

As Nelson staff, we feel privileged in having the unique job of working alongside our young people to listen and facilitate learning. Our ethos is built on supporting our pupils to be kind, honest, respectful, articulate, brave and curious young people who understand their impact within our world.

Children are at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to develop a strong voice for everyone, so that our direction of learning, curriculum, and experiences are shaped by and for the children.

The Early Years are a unique phase of a child’s development. Our inspirational team are committed to exploring the interests of each and every child, working alongside them to discover and ask questions about ourselves and the world around us. We continue to develop the characteristics of effective learning through our Key Stage 1 settings. Our knowledge-based curriculum contextualises children’s learning; they know more and remember more each day. We are proud of how independent our pupils are, using their own digital journals to record evidence of learning and tracking their own next steps to success.


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School News Feed
  • General
    9 January 2023
    PE curriculum
    Dear families, This half term all year groups will be beginning a dance unit in P.E. which is a statutory element of the National Curriculum. Please download the Progression of Skills and Long Term Curriculum documents from our website for more information - these will show you exactly what your child will be learning in P.E. this year. All our taught P.E. lessons are led by Tim Henery's coaching team from Sports Factory, who is a qualified coach, gymnastics and dance instructor. If you have any questions, please get in touch and myself and/or Tim will be happy to meet with you. https://www.nelson.norfolk.sch.uk/norfolk/primary/nelson/site/pages/curriculum/physicaldevelopment
  • General
    9 January 2023
    Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum
    Dear families, We have been made aware that there is some inflammatory information being widely shared on social media at the moment around the statutory Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum. The Sex Education element of the curriculum is not taught until KS2, so we refer to the subject as Relationships and Health Education (RHE) which falls within the umbrella subject of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE). We use a learning scheme called Jigsaw to plan and teach RHE at Nelson. Please take a few minutes to read the following guidance documents on our website for clarity of our approach to the teaching of RHE at Nelson https://www.nelson.norfolk.sch.uk/norfolk/primary/nelson/site/pages/keyinfo/policies Department for Education statutory guidance Relationship and Health Education Policy (Nelson Infant School) Jigsaw Summary of Learning If you have any further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to make an appointment to meet with me via office@nelson.norfolk.sch.uk or catch me on the gate. Please also find attached our #wakeupwednesday parents' guide to TikTok for your reference. We our committed members of the National Online Safety web platform and invite to you sign up free of charge within our subscription package to access a wide range of support materials for you and your family - the attached letter contains all the details. To create your account, please follow https://nationalonlinesafety.com/enrol/nelson-infant-school and complete your details. When you’re set up, you’ll be able to set ‘Parent/Carer’ as your user type. You can access National Online Safety online via any device- including via our brand-new smartphone app. To download the app, please go to: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/national-online-safety/id1530342372 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.nationaleducationgroup.nos
  • General
    6 January 2023
    Class Attendance
    WELL DONE HAZEL CLASS- Highest Class Attendance This Week! Wednesday 4th - Friday 6th January 2023 HAZEL CLASS - 96.7% Silver Birch Class - 95% Rowan Class - 92.7% Sycamore Class - 90.9% Beech Class - 90.5% Cherry Class - 81.6%
  • General
    6 January 2023
    Welcome letter from our new CEO
    To all our families, Please take a moment to read the attached welcome letter from Evolution Academy Trust's newly appointed CEO Dr Craig Avieson. Craig has supported us at Nelson within our central team for some time, in his previous role as Director of Education. We would like to congratulate him on his new appointment and look forward to working closely together as a collaborative team on our school improvement goals.
  • Newsletter
    5 January 2023
    January Newsletter
    Dear families, Please find attached a copy of January's Newsletter.
  • Event
    4 January 2023
    PE and forest school timetable for Spring term
    Dear families, Please find attached our Spring term timetables for PE and Forest School lessons: Year 2 - Mondays Year 1 - Tuesdays Reception - Thursdays (stay and play) The timetable will come into practice from the week commencing MONDAY 9th JANUARY. We have changed the timetable to maximise the quality and time spent on outdoor learning and traditional P.E. sessions. Previously the children would have both sessions in one afternoon per week (1 - 3pm) with changing spaces and clothes/footwear etc within that time during the handover. The forest school and P.E. teams were concerned that the quality of each session was becoming hindered by this time constraint. We have decided to trial a fortnightly approach, so that the children will have a full 2 hours of direct teaching of P.E. one week, and then a full 2 hours forest school/outdoor learning the next. This should allow each session to be more purposeful, and lead to increased progression of skills, confidence etc. This term, we also have sports factory running lunchtime sports 3 days per week, and a football option on the other two at lunchtimes, which children can opt to join (most do - for at least one or more sessions). Our long-term planning also includes a block of gardening for each year group in our school allotment. As always any queries, please feel free to come and speak to us.
  • School_meals
    2 January 2023
    Change of Menu 4th January 2023
    We have a change of menu on the first day of spring term - Wednesday 4th January 2023: Margherita Pizza with Pasta & Sweetcorn Salad (V) Veggie Supreme Pizza with Pasta & Sweetcorn Salad * Vanilla Sprinkle Sponge (Pasta & Jacket Potato options will also be available).
  • General
    16 December 2022
    Class Attendance
    WELL DONE SILVER BIRCH CLASSS- Highest Class Attendance This Week! Monday 12th December - Friday 16th December 2022 Silver Birch Class - 90.5% Rowan Class - 89.3% Sycamore Class - 88.1% Cherry Class - 86.2% Hazel Class - 84.2% Beech Class - 80%
  • General
    12 December 2022
    Food providers over the Christmas holidays
    Dear families, We all know that food costs are rising rapidly and as a result, many families are really struggling. Together with our lovely colleagues at Norwich City Council and The Feed, we have put together a list of providers offering free or pay-what-you-can meals and food services for people in the Norwich area. If we have missed any services, we sincerely apologise but we have included all of those we are aware of. https://nelson-norfolk.secure-dbprimary.com/norfolk/primary/nelson/site/pages/parentsandcarers/support Please note that we do not endorse any of the services included on this list, so please, use of these services is at your own discretion. We do not in any way verify the quality or availability of the services listed. Before visiting any of the providers, we recommend contacting them to check they are open.
  • Important
    9 December 2022
    Change of morning timings
    Dear families, When we return to school on 4th January, and from then onwards, there will be new timings in place for the morning. The school gates will open at 8.30am and the classroom doors will open at 8.40am allowing an extra 10 minutes of learning and time for your child settle into class ready for registration at 9am promptly. Gates will continue to be closed at 9am, any child arriving after 9am MUST report to the school office to be registered. Thank you for your support.
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