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This half-term, we will continue to focus on understanding our own feelings and naming them together. We will use The Colour Monster storybook to help us organise our feelings into different colours..

Understanding the world

We will be exploring the concepts of Past and Present and will be sharing significant events that have happened in our own lives, we will be learning how to use the phrases 'in the past' and 'a long time ago'. We will be asking questions about the place where we live, and start to identify key buildings in our local area, for example the doctors surgery, places of worship. We will also be learning about how other people live their lives in similar and different ways to us, and who is helpful in our communities.

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physical development

In Reception, we will all have access to the balance and peddle bikes every day - we aim for all of us to move into Year 1 being able to ride a bike. We encourage everyone to begin to use a dominant hand for writing and mark making, and focus on making sure we know how to take good care of our teeth!


This half term, we will be matching and sorting objects, comparing amounts, size, mass and capacity. We will be venturing into the world of patterns and starting to spot them everywhere!




Our school expectations are that all children will read AT LEAST 3 times a week. Those children who have read 3 or more times will earn a reading certificate and celebrate each week. It is important that you sign the reading record books every time your child reads with you so that your child is rewarded for their reading at home.


This half term, we will focus on being imaginative and expressive - taking on roles in our imaginative play, creating props and building stories. We will have access to the construction area, where we will be joining pieces together and drawing representations of ourselves and our families.




In Music sessions with Pete, we will continue to learn a variety of songs and enjoy experimenting with ways of changing them.

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